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"Give the Senate Some Balls"


The U.S. House has passed the disastrous Cap & Trade bill that will destroy 2.5 regular jobs for every green job it creates.  The Democrats admit that your energy bills are going to rise.  They're just not going to be honest enough with you to tell you how high they're likely to go.  Moody's says your electric bill will rise 15-30 percent.  A Heritage Foundation study says it's more likely going to be around 90 percent.  Whoever's right, Congress has voted to increase your energy costs . . . in the middle of a recession!

Our only hope at killing this bill is with the United States Senate. The problem is we're not sure they have what it takes to stop this bill.  We're seeing socialism ushered in like we've never seen it before in the history of our nation.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.  That's where you come in.

Send a unique message to your senators

We're urging you to "Give the Senate Some Balls" by sending a couple of ping-pong balls or golf balls to each of your two U.S. senators.  Decorate them, if you like.  Write a message on them if you want to (keep it clean and respectful). As this movement catches on across the country this will send a louder message than any e-mail or phone call could ever do.  Sure, it may be a little on the indelicate side but it gets the point across.  Imagine when the news media start reporting that balls are pouring in to Senate offices from all over the country.

Here's what we need you to do

Since Congress is in recess right now and all mail to the Capitol in Washington is being sent to a holding facility before it's sent to senate offices, we need you to send your balls to your senators' state offices. We wish we had a service that would take you directly to your senators' local addresses but we don't.  What you need to do is click on the following link and choose your state at the top on the left.  That will take you to your senators' individual web pages. Look around on those and you'll find the addresses for their field offices in your state.  There will probably be several.  Pick one (or pick them all) and send them a couple of balls.  To search for the addresses click here

You can even win a prize

Before you Give the Senate Some Balls make sure that you decorate them and send us a picture.  We'll be giving away an autographed copy of Phil's latest book, The Conservative's Handbook, as well as some other prizes.  Send your picture along with your name and the city in which you live to Put "Ball Contest" in the subject box.

Good luck and spread the word by forwarding this page to everyone in your address book!

To take a poll on who deserves your gift, click here.


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