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Without these fine sponsors we would not be on the air.   It's that simple.  These businesses believe in our product and we believe in them.

Please patronize them and show them how much you appreciate their support of our show.

  • Accurate Mortgage - 615-833-0456, AccurateMtg.com
    "After all this bank debacle and mortgage meltdown I'm doing my best to deal with local banks. Accurate Mortgage is locally owned and operated and they've never taken a dime of government money. And these big banks that have taken the money have to jump through all sorts of hoops. That means they sometimes take months to close your loan. Accurate Mortgage will close your loan in 3-4 weeks if there aren't any major complications which means you can start saving money sooner. And they always have the most competitive rates and fees.  Not just for refinancing, Accurate Mortgage is a full-service new loan company.  Get pre-qualified with them before you start shopping for a house and you're in the driver's seat."

  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - 615-867-5309
    "These folks do it all. They call themselves the punctual plumber and they're right. They'll give you a two-hour window and they'll pay you $5 per minute for every minute they're late up to $300. Now, if you're looking for the cheapest you probably need to look somewhere else.  But they'll quote you a price up front so you can decide if you want to go forward.  These folks get the job done and they get it done right.  And ask them about the tankless water heater like I bought for my home.  You never run out of hot water and it takes up a fraction of the space.  And no more heating water around the clock.  It's great! Plus, their whole-home water purification systems and water-softening systems are surprisingly affordable."

  • Bill Ragan Roofing - 615-242-0333, BillRaganRoofing.com
    "If you're looking for an honest, reliable roofer, Bill Ragan Roofing is for you.  Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and nominated for their Torch Award for ethical business practices, Bill Ragan Roofing gets the job done right.  They don't use nail guns because nail guns are not precise and can cause unseen damage that can lead to trouble down the road.  Bill Ragan Roofing hand-drives each and every nail.  And the job's not done until Bill Ragan or one of his partners inspects the job.  When they can't find a single nail or the smallest piece of felt under a bush the job is done and then and only then do you pay."

  • Comcast - 1-800-XFINITY, Comcast.com
    "What can I say. I was one of the very first customers of their high-speed Internet and when they added phone service I jumped on that, too. I have TV, Internet and phone and I love the way it all works together. For example, if someone calls the house while we're watching TV their name and number pop up on the TV screen. Very cool. I love XFINITY On Demand and I use that frequently not only at home but while I'm waiting in airports."

  • Diamond Gusset Jeans - Gusset.com
    "By now you've heard just how passionate I am about Diamond Gusset Jeans. I wear them practically every day. In fact, the Diamond Gusset jeans have become somewhat of a calling card for me. Actually had a guy recognize me standing in line at the movie theater by seeing the Diamond Gusset logo on the back of my jeans! (Kinda scary) Most of the brand-name jeans are now made in China. David Hall over at Diamond Gusset tells me he'll close up shop before he'll move his manufacturing to China. Everything that goes into making these jeans is made right here in America. It's more than a pair of jeans, it's a movement. And remember, don't you buy any commie jeans. Make sure they're Diamond Gusset jeans, born and worn in the USA."

  • Dr. Steve Poss - 615-373-1056, PracticalSleepSolutions.com and DrPossSmiles.com
    "I've known Dr. Poss for over a decade and I'm not the only one raving about his work, by far. I actually run into him in the airport from time to time as he's either heading to or from another conference where he lectures and teaches dentists to do what he does. He's that good. He's a master at creating beautiful smiles and solving TMJ-related problems but I owe him big time for stopping my snoring. You folks who are CPAP-intolerant need to ask your doctor to refer you to Dr. Poss. He's a Diplomat for The American Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders and he has the latest 3D technology to treat sleep apnea. Yeah, this is the man. His office also does routine cleanings so call them about that, too."

  • Genesis Diamonds - GenesisDiamonds.net
    "I'm proud to say that I've literally been with Genesis Diamonds from the beginning.  I walked through the Green Hills showroom as they were first starting to build it and got to know the owner, Boaz Ramon.  What a wealth of knowledge this guy is.  And no one can beat their price, their quality, their selection or their guarantees.  People drive from all over to shop at their two locations in Green Hills and Cool Springs.

  • Josh Anderson of The Anderson Group - 615-509-7000, NashvillesHomeValues.com
    "The key to selling your home is marketing it correctly. No one understands that better than Josh Anderson. He will aggressively market your home to get you the best price and sell your home in the shortest possible amount of time. Apparently it works. The average realtor sells about 7 houses a year. Josh sells about 75. Go with what works."

  • Precision Air - 615-834-3777, PrecisionAirTN.com
    "As you well know, I'm no dirt person but I think geothermal is a great idea.  The thing is, a lot of people assume you have to be rich to afford it.  Not true.  Precision Air has been doing geothermal longer than anyone in the area and they can show you how you can finance the entire thing and with your energy savings have a positive cash flow from day one.  They also do conventional HVAC work so give them a call."

  • ProFlowers - ProFlowers.com (make sure you click on the microphone at the top right and type in 'Valentine' to see all the specials for my listeners)
    "This is one of those products that I used first then asked to sponsor because I believed in them so much. I remember wondering the first time I ordered how on earth they could pick fresh flowers and have them delivered to me so quickly and still have them stay fresh for at least 7 days. I'm still amazed but I just sit back and enjoy instead of worrying about how they do it. Because they come straight from the grower these flowers are much fresher than those you'll find at a florist. I buy them for all occasions for all the special ladies in my life and sometimes for no occasion at all. They're great!"

  • Trade Smart University - TradeSmartPhil.com
    "Have you ever thought trading stocks was like going to Vegas? I used to until I hooked up the the folks at Trade Smart University. You see, they've figured out that, yes, the stock market runs on emotion, but there's a way to accurately track and plot that emotion over time and we humans tend to behave in patterns. They'll show you how to intelligently plot those patterns so you know better when to get into a particular stock and when to get out. It's amazing!"

  • United Structural Systems (USS) - 615-227-2275, USSTN.com
    "These folks are the foundation repair and waterproofing experts. They've been doing this since 1994 and they have over 6,500 satisfied residential customers. They came out to a house we used to live in because I had some doors sticking and cracks in the drywall. They went over the house top to bottom and determined it was ordinary house settling. They recommended doing nothing and allowing the house to continue to settle naturally. That's honesty! And the estimate is free!  If you think you have a foundation problem or if you have moisture in your basement or crawlspace these are the folks to call."

  • U.S. Pest - 615-590-1260, USPest.com
    "I started using U.S. Pest around 2001 and I've been with them ever since. They're great. Their products are natural and they get the job done. They've been around for about 30 years and have been rated the number one pest contro company in Tennessee. And no wonder. It's all about taking care of the customer and getting rid of the pests. I liked them so much I asked for them as a sponsor.  Great company!"

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